Lindon City's residential and business growth has been accompanied by growth in another area - criminal activity.

The birth of a good-size business district has been accompanied by an increase in the number of business burglaries over the past two years, said Michael Ferre, chief of Pleasant Grove's Police Department, which provides police protection for Lindon.Even though he hasn't analyzed every type of arrest, Ferre feels there is a connection between the number of burglaries and increased business activity.

There have also been noticeable increases in felony thefts and vehicle theft or joy riding.

Ferre said the recently released 1990 statistics were compared to figures from 1988, so some increases were expected with the city's growth.

"But one thing that really bothers me is the increase in vicious and malicious crimes," he said. Sexual crimes were up 175 percent.

Despite the increase in criminal activity, Ferre said he feels good about his department's ability to solve the crimes.

"Our total solving rate is very high," he said.

The report indicates that 82 percent of Lindon's 1990 criminal cases were resolved before the year's end.

And with more time and manpower, the department could solve even more, Ferre said.

Pleasant Grove Mayor David R. Holdaway said the department receives about 14,000 calls a year.

Ferre said the department only has 12 officers and, for the Pleasant Grove and Lindon population of approximately 17,000, that equates to only .67 officers per thousand residents.

"I don't know of other areas that have a ratio that low," he said.

But Ferre does not want to discourage people from utilizing the department and its facilities.

Another part of the report indicated that the area of highest risk for automobile accidents is 600 S. Geneva Road. About 20 percent of all Lindon accidents during 1990 happened there.