A girl died of smoke inhalation Wednesday morning after she was trapped in a bathroom of her family's double-wide mobile home.

Jessica Long, 5, died after the fire started at 11:40 a.m. The mother of the girl, Marilee Lee, escaped with her 18-month-old daughter Rachel.When Lee discovered the fire she ran to a neighbor's home to call the fire department. Another neighbor, Don Mitchel tried to go into the trailer to look for Jessica but was driven back by flames.

According to firefighter Gregory Newton the Mona Fire Department was on the scene in four minutes.

"When I got there, five foot flames were shooting from the windows," Newton said.

Nephi firefighters arrived six minutes later and helped douse the fire.

Firefighters and deputies from the Juab Sheriff's office then pulled down the remaining portions of the trailer's walls in an attempt to find the missing child.

Jessica was discovered in the back bathroom wedged between the tub and toilet.

"She would have died long before the flames reached her," Newton said.