To the editor:

I view with great concern your legislature's recent action to curb a woman's personal choice regarding abortion.I trained in a hospital before abortion was legal, sanitary and safe. During my rotation, I saw several women suffer permanent sterility, severe complications and death because of self-induced "illegal abortion." This was in San Francisco in 1967. It was with great relief that I saw abortion become a safe, non-lethal, non-debilitating, non-sterilizing surgical procedure.

I find it amazing that your legislature has chosen to return to an unenlightened, barbaric, anti-woman era. Until I see an individual's choice in these matters restored by your state, I am prepared to avoid any expenditure of tourist dollars in your state.

We are a family of four who has spent 16 skiing vacations since 1976 in Utah. This year, we went to Taos, N.M., our first non-Utah Western ski trip. We cannot in good conscience contribute thousands of dollars to your state's economy when your legislature treats a woman's personal choice and safety so callously.

James W. Fox

New York state physician