Police seized a large cache of narcotics, weapons and money Thursday after two patrolmen discovered marijuana plants growing in the basement of a West Valley home.

A drug informant told officers about the plants in a house located at 3847 S. 6400 West.West Valley Police Chief Dennis Nordfelt said a 21-year-old woman allowed detectives to investigate the basement. They found more than a dozen growing plants, four pounds of marijuana, 1 1/2 pounds of hallucinogenic mushrooms, three rifles, one shotgun, and a .22-caliber handgun. $12,000 in $50 and $100 bills was also found in a safe.

"That's a lot of money. It indicates there was a substantial amount of drug activity going on," Nordfelt said.

The hallucinogenic mushrooms, which are uncommon in the Salt Lake Valley, had a street value of about $10,000, Nordfelt said. The marijuana could have sold for about $12,000.

Nordfelt said the mushrooms are eaten and provide physiological effects that last eight to 12 hours.

"They're pretty unusual in this area. It's not the popular drug of choice right now," he said.

Officers discovered a sophisticated cultivation system for the marijuana plants. The plants were nourished by indoor lighting and water supplied by a pump attached to an automatic timer.

Nordfelt said officers will arrest two people Friday in connection with the seizure.