A woman who contracted the AIDS virus from her dentist has won an out-of-court legal settlement from the health insurer that recommended the dentist to her.

Kimberly Bergalis, 23, of Fort Pierce is one of three of Dr. David Acer's patients known to be infected by him. Acer, who practiced in Stuart, died of AIDS in September.Bergalis' attorney Robert Montgomery said Thursday an agreement was reached with Cigna Dental Health of Florida Inc. He refused to disclose the amount because he's representing the two other patients still seeking compensation.

Montgomery had said earlier he would seek at least $25 million for Bergalis.

Bergalis didn't want to comment on the settlement.

"I need to kind of take it all in," The Palm Beach Post quoted her as saying. "You cannot place a dollar value on what happened."

Gravely ill with AIDS, Bergalis already received $1 million from Acer's insurance company, CNA Insurance Co. - the full value of his medical malpractice policy.

The Acer case became public when he wrote to his clients before his death, warning them he had the disease and advising them to be tested. The federal Centers for Disease Control later determined the dentist treated 1,700 patients after contracting AIDS in 1986.

The case led the American Medical Association and American Dental Association to recommend AIDS-infected doctors and dentists tell their patients about their conditions.

Montgomery also is representing Richard Lee Driskin, a 29-year-old citrus employee from Indiantown, and 65-year-old Barbara Webb.