The importance of water in the West has become a pre-eminent issue in the 1990s.

In large metropolitan areas like the Los Angeles Basin, where water from the tap has been accepted for daily car washes, filling swimming pools and washing down sidewalks and streets, it is no longer a given.The way water gets to your area, the influences played on the amounts and quality of that water and its value for irrigation, recreation, fisheries, wildlife, livestock and aesthetics, depend on management of areas adjacent to streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

Those riparian areas have been selected for discussion during a Utah State University symposium April 18-19, according to Allan Rasmussen, USU range extension specialist.

Additional information on registration for the symposium may be obtained by contacting the Conference and Institute Division, USU, Logan, UT 84322.

The deadline for registration is April 15.