The concrete of two sidewalk, curb and gutter projects has deteriorated, prompting the City Council to order tests to find out what went wrong.

"We estimate that there was $28,300 of damage on 500 South and $20,200 of damage on Indian Springs Road," states a memo to the council from city engineer Jack Balling.The projects, completed last year, were part of a $400,000 contract with Workman Construction Co. The city inspected the work recently and found that "there was a considerable amount of concrete work that was unacceptable because the surface had spalled and the concrete was deteriorating," Balling said.

The city notified Workman, saying the concrete would have to be replaced.

But Workman general manager George Bowen told the city that it may not be his company's fault.

Noting that the city used salt on the roads during the winter, Bowen said, "We strongly believe that salt had a definite detrimental effect on the surface condition of the concrete. . ."

Bowen said his company has analyzed the concrete from the Indian Springs project. The tests found it to be within specifications.

But the city wants to do its own tests. If the tests indicate the concrete was faulty, the city will require Workman to replace the concrete at the company's expense. Otherwise, the city will share the cost with Workman and the Concrete Products Co., which supplied the concrete.