OK, all you amateur screenwriters out there.

Think you can do it as well as - or better than - the guys who churn out all those TV programs and movies you watch, making you wish afterward you'd read a bad book instead?Now's your chance to find out.

Craig Clyde, well-known local TV, stage and movie personality, is offering a screenwriting workshop Sept. 17 (a Saturday) at 4605 Wasatch Blvd., in the new Eagle Plaza. The cost is $115 in advance.

This is a one-day workshop to learn the basics of screenwriting, to include formats, developing dialogue and characterization, and plotting, as well as how to get and use an agent, and more. Classic film clips will be used for illustration, and Clyde has written a companion workbook for seminar participants. Pre-registration is required and the workshop will be limited to 70 people.

Clyde is the co-writer of more than 20 feature film screenplays, one of which has currently been in production locally. He is also an equity actor with 26 films to his credit and has been in the business for 18 years.

For further information, phone 255-5530.