For once, Charles Barkley and the 76ers' management agree - spitting on fans was a "stupid mistake" by the hotheaded forward.

"You do stupid things, and stuff like that happens," Barkley told The Philadelphia Daily News when he arrived in Charlotte to play the Hornets. "I just have to live with a stupid mistake."The Philadelphia 76ers forward missed Thursday night's game against the Hornets after the NBA suspended him for one game and fined him $10,000 for spitting on fans. Missing the game will cost Barkley approximately $39,000.

Barkley lost his temper Tuesday night with 1:38 remaining in the fourth quarter of a 98-95 overtime loss to the New Jersey Nets. His target was a heckler sitting in the court-level seats, but he spit on an 8-year-old girl sitting behind the man.

"He was walking toward me, and I spit at him," Barkley told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

General manager Gene Shue said the team had no quarrel with the suspension and fine.

"There is absolutely no excuse for that kind of conduct by Charles," Shue said. "We agree completely with the decision made by the league."