An arched half-round window, capping three huge multi-paned windows, gives a custom look to the contemporary-style Justine.

Designed as a starter home, the Justine is well-suited to meeting the needs of a young family. The master suite is within earshot of the other two bedrooms, and the sound separation provided by two bathrooms and closets offers an element of privacy.No need to fight over closet space in the master suite. The huge walk-in closet has enough to go around - and then some.

Family living areas are centrally located. Shelves flank the wide, open fireplace in the window-rich living room. An open-style kitchen is separated from the nook and dining areas by nothing more than a work island. Placement of the sink in the work island eliminates the isolation often experienced by cleanup crews when the work area faces a wall.Light beaming in through the sliding glass doors brightens the spacious nook, and a pantry offers additional storage space for food. The glass doors open onto a patio, and another door, off the right, opens into a utility room.

Some families will use the space to the left of the kitchen as a dining room. Those who prefer relaxed living space over formality may prefer to outfit it as a family room.

For a study plan of the JUSTINE (400-41), send $7.50 to Landmark Designs, P.O. Box 2307, Eugene, OR 97402. Be sure to specify plan name and number when ordering.

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