Tomorrow is Good Friday, but if you plan on staying home, the odds are only one in 10 that you will be paid for the holiday.

That's the finding of a new survey by SOS Temporary Services on how companies deal with holidays. It shows that 10 percent of Utah companies observe Good Friday, compared with 12 percent in Colorado, which was also included in the study.SOS surveyed 613 major companies in the two states to come up with the findings, designed to determine changes that businesses have made in patterns of paid holidays since a similar study was made in 1987.

The data allows SOS to meet staffing needs of their clients and help companies plan their holiday benefit programs.

"In looking at some of the trends in the past four years, it is surprising most of the holidays are very consistent," said SOS President Dick Reinhold.

Utah companies give their employees fewer paid holidays than do their counterparts in Colorado, said Reinhold, particularly Martin Luther King Day (Human Rights Day in Utah), Veterans Day and Columbus Day.

Seven percent of Utah companies give holiday pay for Human Rights Day, compared with 26 percent in Colorado. Columbus Day is recognized by 7 percent of the Utah companies with paid days off compared with 21 percent of the firms in Colorado. Veterans Day is a paid day off for 9 percent of Utah companies compared with 27 percent of the Colorado firms.

Overall, companies in both states offer an average of nine paid holidays throughout the year. Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year's were the three holidays most often celebrated with paid days off.

Following are the percentage of Utah companies that have offered or will offer paid days off for holidays in 1991. Colorado percentages are in parentheses:

New Years Day - 97 percent

Civil Rights Day - 7 percent

Lincoln's Birthday - 2 percent 1/3 Washington's Birthday - 3 percent 1/3 Presidents' Day - 31 percent

Good Friday - 10 percent

Memorial Day - 93 percent

Independence Day (July 4) - 94 percent

Pioneer Day (July 24) - 69 percent 1/3 Labor Day - 93 percent

Columbus Day - 7 percent

Veterans Day - 9 percent

Thanksgiving - 98 percent

Day after Thanksgiving - 62 percent

Christmas - 98 percent

Christmas Eve - 17 percent 1/3 Day after Christmas 4 percent 1/3 New Year's Eve - 4 percent 1/3 Day after New Year's - 0 percent 1/3 Day after Easter - 0 percent 1/3 Floating holidays - 10 percent 13)