Sorry, this is for women only . . . four days of catered skiing.

Intended, says founder of the K2 Women's Ski Adventure, Kim Reichhelm, to make women better skiers . . . more like men.Reichhelm, a five-year member of the U.S. Ski Team, points out that men tend to be more aggressive on the ski slopes . . . "While women are more tentative, afraid of getting hurt and intimidated by the unfamiliar."

Her four-day college-of-better-skiing will begin next Thursday at Snowbird. Included in the course of studies will be everything from looking better on skis, to skiing better, to taking racing gates.

"Ladies who join us have desire and enthusiasm to improve their skiing skill and overall knowledge of the sport," she says.

When she's not instructing, Reichhelm is a sports model, makes occasional appearances on TV talk shows, does commentary on ski racing broadcasts, and was featured as an extreme skier in the production, "License To Thrill."

Included in the package are accommodations, if needed at the Cliff Lodge, breakfasts, lunches and welcome an awards dinner, lift tickets, skiing clinics with video analysis, product demos, fashion show, fun races, awards and get-togethers.

For information call 1-800-453-3000. The session is limited to 40 - ladies only.

PARK CITY'S SNOWSHINE FESTIVAL - Park City will begin its Snowshine Festival on Saturday with an Easter egg hunt, followed by a week of skiing activity.

The egg hunt will be open to kids and will be on the mountain. The Easter Bunny will oversee it. There will also be a sunrise service on Sunday.

Other activities during the week will include:

- A seminar on how to follow the sun for better spring skiing.

- Daily ski school clinics on spring skiing.

- Free on-site video analysis.

- A day for kids to ski with former Olympian Holly Flanders.

- Demonstrations by Park City's demonstration team.

For information on events and special lodging rates for the week, call 1-800-222-7275.

WORLD PRO MOGUL - Some of the best mogul skiers from around the world will be at Snowbird Saturday for the championship event of the season.

More than 100 skiers will race head-to-head on the Silver Fox run near the base lodge, considered by many competitors to be the most difficult run of this year's 10-race tour.

The event is open to all skiers. Those who have not registered with the tour must sign in by 11 a.m. Friday. Registration for non-licensed skiers is $150.

Currently leading the men's tour is Cameron Boyle of Squaw Valley, and leading the women's tour is Kristin Dowling of Steamboat, Colo.

Snowbird skiers will be competing for $40,000. The event will be filmed and shown on Prime Network.