NORTHERN REGION\ Bear LakeFishing for whitefish is fair to good; good for cutthroat and lake trout by Gus Rich's/Sweatwater point. Can be spotty, so move around. Try castmasters or ice flies tipped with meal worms.

Birch Creek Reservoir - Fair fishing for nice rainbow. Need to walk up dam to reservoir. Pond below is dry.

Causey Reservoir - Fair fishing. Ice very bad. Catching a few pan-size rainbow.

East Canyon - Good for 8- to 12-inch rainbow. Ice very bad. Traditional baits - salmon eggs and cheese - work best.

Echo Reservoir - Ice bad. Some larger fish being caught on east side.

Farmington Ponds. - Closed.

Holmes Creek - Very bad ice.

Hyrum Reservoir - Slow, but with a few large rainbow.

Logan River - Good with flies and lures. Whitefish are biting. River above Red Banks closed.

Locomotive Springs - Stocked bi-weekly. As weather warms, will get buggy.

Lost Creek - Stay off ice. Fair for cutthroat up to 14 inches. Some limits taken off bottom with baited teardrop.

Mantua - Ice unsafe. Has been stocked and catching a few rainbow.

Newton - Spotty for trout and perch.

Ogden River - Best with flies. Good on restored stretch - mouth of canyon to Monroe. Spotty in canyon. Catching some good browns.

South Fork - Water level and conditions variable. Catching a few fish. Good spot for whitefish.

Pineview - Fast for small perch in 5 to 30 feet of water. Move to locate fish, generally near bottom.

Porcupine - Slow and spotty for kokanee. Ice getting thin.

Rockport - Stay off ice. Some large rainbow, most between 8 and 10 inches.

Weber River - Mostly open and generally low water. Good for whitefish using small flies on bottom. Use flies at different depths for browns.

Willard Bay - Ice unsafe.

Woodruff Reservoir - Fair for cutthroat.


Deer Creek - Catching rainbow and perch off bottom using jigs with perch eye. Ice thick, but separating from shore. Walleye run will hit in early April.

Provo River - Best from Provo Canyon to 1230 North.

Utah Lake - Water coming up. Ice is going fast. Walleye run starts after March 20.

Burraston Ponds - Ice is bad, so fish only open areas. Rainbows hungry on warm days.

Strawberry - Ice is good, but fishing slow. Release uninjured cutthroat - they're spawners for 1993.


Fish Lake - Fishing slow for both splake and rainbow. Ice conditions good.

Minersville - Ice bad and fishing not advised.

Beaver Mountain Lakes - Snowmobile access only. Fair for rainbow and brook up to 10 inches.

Otter Creek - Ice unsafe.

Piute Reservoir - Fishing open water at south end. Slow. Best with salmon eggs.

Newcastle - Ice gone, fishing fair.

Paragonah - Snowmobile access only. Fishing slow.

Navajo Lake - Snowmoible access only.


Cleveland - Fair for rainbows up to 12 inches.

Colorado River - Small catfish are biting.

Electric Lake - Slow for fish 8 to 12 inches. Chartreuse or white jigs tipped with meal worms or night crawlers best.

Huntington Creek - Planted 700 pounds of browns in January. Should be good at "Ice off."

Huntington North - Planted 3,000 catchables last fall. Should be good.

Joe's Valley - Ice fishing spotty. Use jigs or lures tipped with sucker meat or dead minnows for splake.

Ken's Lake - Water open and fair fishing. Use red-colored spinners or salmon eggs.

Lake Powell - Fishing improving. Early March a 10-pound walleye taken near Hite. Good near Hite for largemouth and striped bass.

Mill Creek - Fair using spinners or flies.

Millsite - Boat ramp open.

Recapture - Ice too thin for fishing.

Scofield - Fishing poor.


Big Sand Wash - Ice breaking up.

Brough - Ice breaking up.

Bullock/Cottonwood - Ice breaking up at both lakes. Should be good from shoreline.

Currant Creek - Lake frozen, fishing fair.

Flaming Gorge - Ice conditions changing. Breaking up in lower areas. Fair to good above Utah/Wyoming border.

Green River - Spotty. Good during recent midge hatch. Road conditions variable.

Pelican - Ice breaking up and little pressure.

Red Fleet - Ice along shoreline unsafe. Should be fair along shoreline as ice breaks up.

Starvation - Winds and rains have broken up ice. Should be some fair fishing along shoreline as water warms.

Uinta Mountain Lake - Access limited, but some good fishing reported in some lakes.