All city departments are being asked to cut their budgets 5 percent to keep Pleasant Grove in the black.

Mayor David Holdaway promised to take a look at streamlining city operations in conjunction with an increase in the city franchise taxes. Now, he's making good on that promise."We've had really good cooperation from all the department heads," Holdaway said.

The budget cuts and franchise tax increases take effect April 1. Residents will pay 5 percent on natural gas, electricity, telephone and cable television.

The 5 percent budget cut will save the city approximately $42,000.

The Police Department is taking the biggest hit - $14,000. The department's annual budget is $687,000. Police Chief Mike Ferre said he'll make cuts in overtime pay, building maintenance, power usage, special services, miscellaneous expenses, building improvement and furniture and fixtures.

Pleasant Grove has lost property tax revenue for the past five years because of adjustments made in keeping with the state's truth in taxation law.