President Bush's annual physical examination turned up no surprises and he remains in excellent health, his doctor says.

"Perfect health. Feeling good," Bush told reporters Wednesday as he emerged from five hours of tests at Bethesda Naval Medical Center. "It went very well."The tests included a re-examination of the early glaucoma symptoms discovered last year. "His condition remains stable. No treatment appears to be indicated at the present time," a White House statement said.

"The president continues in excellent health," Bush's physician, Dr. Burton Lee, said in the statement. "There were no surprises at the physical exam. He remains an extraordinarily vigorous man who continues to thrive on a great deal of physical activity and a rigorous, demanding work schedule."

Asked why his checkup took so long, Bush quipped, "Lack of desire to go back to work."

He said his wife Barbara also had a checkup on Tuesday and she "got a good, clean bill of health."

The president said Mrs. Bush still suffers from Graves disease, the immune system disorder that affected her thyroid and her vision, "but it's much better."