The Deseret News received the lion's share of awards at the Governor's Media Awards presentation Wednesday evening at the State Office Building Auditorium.

Jan Thompson, Deseret News reporter, won an award of excellence for two articles about women breaking ground in law and justice; Susan Lyman-Whitney, Deseret News feature writer, won an award of merit for two articles - one about talking to teenage girls and one about World War II "women warriors;" and Dennis Lythgoe, Deseret News columnist, won an award of merit for his column on the need for legislators to close the marital loophole in Utah's rape law.Others receiving awards were Carol Sisco, Salt Lake Tribune, Mary Dickson, Network Magazine, Marianne Harding Burgoyne, Utah Holiday, Keven Stanfield, KKAT Radio, and Brenda Beienburg, KSL-TV.

Gov. Norm Bangerter presented the awards, then made some brief comments. The awards were sponsored by the Governor's Commission for Women and Families, and included a program in recognition of past and present Utah women legislators.

A highlight of the evening was a reader's theater presentation called "Gentle Persuaders: Utah's First Women Legislators," based on Jean Bickmore White's article in the Utah Historical Quarterly.

Although many past and present women legislators attended and made brief remarks, the biggest accolades were reserved for Martha Hughes Cannon, Utah's first woman state senator and the first woman state senator in the United States, elected in 1896.