Once the Jazz complete their international rescue of Jose Ortiz from his contract in Spain this week, they'll be all set for training camp in October.

The way veteran Billy Donovan and rookie Ricky Grace played at point guard and Mike Brown played at center in their summer program, they seem solid at every position to open the season - except for off-guard.What's wrong with this picture?

Only months after constant complaints that overcrowding at off-guard was wrecking the team's chemistry, the Jazz find themselves wondering who will be available to play behind Bobby Hansen.

They finally traded Kelly Tripucka; Darrell Griffith's knee injury will make him a part-time player in camp; and Bart Kofoed will miss all of October with a broken foot.

"We solve the logjam, and now we're short," mused president-general manager David Checketts. "It's crazy."

That leaves second-round draft choice Jeff Moe, who will likely stay at his natural off-guard position, and free agent Marty Simmons to compete for a probable roster spot to start the season.

"Before I can make a move for a free agent or even entertain a trade, I've got to see Darrell Griffith in action," said Checketts.

"I'm concerned about that position."

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ADD MONEY: Jazz forward Thurl Bailey, offered a contract extension but scheduled to make $600,000 this season with four years left on his current deal, says NBA players do notice others' salaries.

"You compare . . . every player in the league does, from the minimum (salary) on up to the Magic Johnsons and Michael Jordans," he noted.

"The bottom line is, it's getting to where it's the name of the game. Everybody wants to win a championship, everybody wants a ring, but everybody can't do that. So it's basically, `I've got to make as much money as I can.'

"Everybody thinks like that, and I'm no different."

QUOTABLE: Bailey will receive no argument from Darryl Dawkins, who says, "I don't want end up like a lot of players who play a hundred years and never end up with any money.

"When I finish, I am going to have some. Money is the incentive. A lot of players say that if they were not getting paid, they'd still play, for free. Not me. I play for money."