Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

Wixon, Brad and Wendy, Provo, twin boys.

Agrelius, Michael and Mary, Provo, girl.

Alivs, John and Sherry, Provo, girl.

Allen, Michael and Diane, Midvale, girl.

Anderson, Rodney and Jessie, Annabella, Sevier County, boy.

Ashby, Erik and Fawn, Provo, boy.

Blakley, David and Kristina, Provo, boy.

Broberg, Mel and Agnes, Orem, girl.

Burraston, Bert and Deborah, Provo, girl.

Burton, James and Denise, Pleasant Grove, girl.

Bushman, David and Terri, Provo, girl.

Callister, Richard and Brenda, Orem, girl.

Carlson, Gary and Marci, Provo, boy.

Carter, Joel and Shawna, Pleasant Grove, boy.

Carter, Perry and Rebekah, Provo, girl.

Childs, John and Anne, Orem, girl.

Classford, David and Gina, Provo, boy.

Conder, David and Jillian, American Fork, boy.

Conteras, Julian and Patricia, Provo, girl.

Dye, David and Christine, Provo, girl.

Eklund, Carl and Shawn, Provo, girl.

Elder, Gregg and Virginia, Provo, girl.

Elliott, Douglas and Mary Jan, Orem, boy.

Gauchay, Jack and Bonnie, Provo, boy.

Gleave, Michael and Shelley, Payson, girl.

Graff, Bradley and Cheryl, Provo, boy.

Grieve, Robert and Kathryn, Midway, girl.

Griffith, Thomas and Kimberly, Provo, girl.

Guass, Dallan and Solveig, Orem, boy.

Halls, Keith and Anna, Orem, boy.

Hansen, Douglas and Allison, Orem, girl.

Hernandez, Carl and Christy, Provo, girl.

Hogan, Josh and Lisa, Provo, girl.

Holgreen, Gregory and Barbara, Provo, boy.

Holliday, Victor and Linda, Provo, girl.

Hymas, Wayne and Melissa, Provo, boy.

Jackson, Robert and Anabel, Provo, girl.

Johnson, Stuart and Sandra, Provo, girl.

Judd, Matthew and Susan, Provo, girl.

Kaluau, Charles and Shauna, Provo, boy.

Karr, Trent and April, Bountiful, girl.

Keele, John and Lynnette, Orem, boy.

Kemp, Jack and Carol, Orem, boy.

Knudsen, Wil and Kristine, Provo, boy.

Larson, Edward and Jeanne, Provo, boy.

Lee, Shinyoun and Summee, Provo, boy.

Levingston, Randy and Jackie, Provo, boy.

Lewis, Kenneth and Laura, Provo, girl.

Mansell, Paul and Julie, Provo, boy.

Mansfield, Randall and Christie, Orem, boy.

McMargue, Paul and Mindy, Mapleton, girl.

Mecham, Lance and Ginger, Orem, boy.

Newby, Kevin and Jeanne, Provo, girl.

Parker, Steven and Leeann, Provo, girl.

Peatross, Stewart and Christie, Provo, boy.

Randall, Bret and Tracy, Provo, girl.

Robison, Michael and Cynthia, Fairview, girl.

Rogerson, Ken and Alisyn, Provo, girl.

Seegmiller, Tracy and Tiffany, American Fork, girl.

Seljaas, Gary and Carleen, Provo, boy.

Sievers, Kent and Debbie, Orem, boy.

Slade, Douglas and Lorie, Orem, boy.

Sorenson, Pat and Jeanne, Provo, boy.

Tanner, Bruce and Leslie, Pleasant Grove, boy.

Tincher, Troy and Jana, Provo, girl.

Ward, Bryan and Marcy, Lindon, girl.

Williams, Blain and Marie, Mt. View, Wyo., boy.

Woolley, Allan and Anna, Dutch John, Daggett County, girl.

Worwood, Tony and Jeanne, Nephi, boy.

Wright, Kevin and Peggy, Provo, girl.

Wynn, Michael and Brooks, Provo, boy.

Zabriskie, Ramon and Marcene, Orem, girl.

American Fork Hospital

Bancroft, Jeffrey and Carla, Orem, girl.

Bowen, Byron and Lesa, American Fork, boy.

Brady, Kirk and Paige, Lehi, boy.

Braithwaite, Gary and Tina, Orem, boy.

Corbett, Michael and Michelle, Lehi, girl.

Cox, Stacy, Orem, girl.

Garner, Edward and Andrea, Pleasant Grove, boy.

Graham, William and Diana, Highland, boy.

Hadfield, Eugene and Debra, Highland, boy.

Hambleton, Marvin and Lesa, Orem, girl.

Lindstrom, Brian and Marcia, American Fork, boy.

Morgan, Ronald and Kimberly, Manilla, Daggett County, girl.

Ott, Timothy and Rebecca, Orem, boy.

Searle, Cary and Kimberly, Pleasant Grove, boy.

Stevens, Mike and Tracy, Orem, boy.

Whatcott, Steven and Natalie, Highland, girl.

Woffinden, Russell and Kathy, Pleasant Grove, girl.

Mountain View Hospital

Black, Fred and Connie, Spanish Fork, boy.

Boone, James and Wendy, Provo, girl.

Calhoun, James and Deann, Orem, boy.

Cluff, Emil and Chyrrel, Moroni, girl.

Dennison, Rowland, Vea, Springville, boy.

Dixon, Drex and Shari, Payson, girl.

Ellis, David and Cheryl, Springville, boy.

Gardner, Dan and Judith, Lehi, girl.

Holman, Glen and Lori, Payson, girl.

Jones, David and Maria, Orem, boy.

Lundell, Paul and Cindy, Salem, boy.

Mecham, Lynn and Karen, Santaquin, boy.

Mendenhall, Scott and Suzanne, Elberta, girl.

Orton, Mark and Melanie, Payson, girl.

Penrod, Brett and Doraleen, Payson, boy.

Peterson, Michael and Machelle, Santaquin, girl.

Spencer, Cory and Wendy, Payson, boy.

Williams, Gary and Kimberly, Las Vegas, boy.

Wilson, Kendall and Karen, Springville, girl.

Wolfley, Dennis and Dixie, Spanish Fork, girl.

York, Kent and Stacy, Payson, boy.