Here's an opportunity to look back and share the Spanish conquistadors' first adventures in the New World.

A traveling exhibition illustrating Spain's explorations from 1492 through 1570, "First Encounters: Spanish Explorations in the Caribbean and the United States," has opened at New York's South Street Seaport Museum.Its aim is to commemorate and interpret Spanish colonization of the Caribbean and the United States, by means of more than 500 artifacts on loan from museums across the country, dioramas and interactive displays. Included are armor and weaponry of the period, a life-size diorama of Hernando de Soto on horseback, and dioramas of Native Americans of the Southeastern states.

After the exhibition closes here Sept. 3, it will be shown at the Southwest Museum of Science and Technology, Dallas, Oct. 3-Jan. 12, 1992; the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History, Feb. 21-May 1, 1992; The Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, May 29-Sept. 7, 1992; and the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, Miami, Oct. 1-Jan. 3, 1993.