When is a skull not a skull? When it's made up of nude figures.

The advertising and promotional logo for the film "The Silence of the Lambs" features a death's head moth, a real-life variety identified by an apparent skull emblazoned on its head.But a closer examination of the moth in the film logo shows that the skull is comprised of up to seven nude figures. The R-rated film stars Anthony Hopkins as a psychopathic cannibalizing murderer who is being tapped as a resource by a young FBI agent (played by Jodie Foster).

Christine LaMont, Orion Pictures senior vice president of publicity and promotion, said the poster was produced by the Los Angeles art boutique Dazu, based on a well-known photograph of the death's head moth by lensman Phillipe Hallsman.

"It was just a creative exercise," said LaMont. "It's so small and looks like a skull." LaMont said no one's complained about the poster's sexuality yet - and it is very popular. The company offered a glossy poster for free in an opening weekend offer and LaMont said they've been literally ripped off from movie marquees and subway ad stations in New York. They are available at three for $10 from Silence Posters, Orion Pictures, 1325 Avenue of the Americas, New York 10019.

In other film fallout, Lamont said Orion has received mail from people who want to speak to the fictitious murderous Dr. Hannibal Lecter and from psychologists whose patients were disturbed by the movie.