Logan's proposed annexation of the Logan-Cache airport has drawn protests from North Logan City and the Cache County School District, who say the land grab could cost needed tax dollars.

The protests were filed with the county Boundary Commission, with rules on property disputes.Last month, Logan Mayor Russ Fjeldsted announced plans to annex the airport, currently managed by Cache County.

"I believe Logan is best qualified to develop the airport from the standpoint of the future," he said. "I think my close relationship with Utah's congressional delegation could help us get an Instrument Landing System and a commuter airline."

The mayor has maintained that Logan is a joint owner of the airport property. Cache School Superintendent Clark Puffer said that's not so.

Puffer said the city signed an agreement to deed its portion of the land to the county in 1978.

Cache County Attorney Gary McKean supports Puffer's claim. He said he has examined the document, which was signed May 15, 1978.

McKean said that, while the city failed to execute the quitclaim deed, he believes the agreement is legal and binding.

Puffer also disputes the mayor's assertion that a Bear River Association of Governments grant to extend the city's water line to the airport was predicated on an annexation.

Puffer said he was told by BRAG officials that annexation was not part of the criteria for the grant.

Fjeldsted also believes that, because Logan provides power to the airport, the city should have priority in the annexation. Puffer said Utah Power & Light Co. could provide power for a comparable price.

Puffer said he is fighting the annexation because it would cost the district tax revenue. He said the Logan district is among the least wealthy in the state.

"To take away the dollars we get from lands and building at the airport would hurt us now and in the future," he said.

North Logan Mayor Al Moser said his city also stands to lose revenue through the annexation.

"The action could shrink our city's boundaries and lock us up for any future expansion," he said.

The Cache County Council, which will have the final say on the proposal, has so far remained silent.

A discussion is planned Thursday during a joint Logan city and county council meeting.