A new trial has been scheduled April 25 for an Ogden man charged with the attempted murder of an Ogden man during a fight between two youth groups.

Tyrone Lemons, 18, had been scheduled to stand trial Tuesday, but another date was set after the defendant dismissed his public defender.Last week Lemons told 2nd District Judge Stanton Taylor that he wanted to dismiss attorney Bernard Allen because the attorney sought a plea bargain in the case.

Lemons appeared before Taylor again on Monday with his new court-appointed public defender, Robert L. Froerer, and a new trial date was set.

The defendant is accused of shooting Pete Romero, 19, in the head at an Ogden park on Aug. 26. Romero was left paralyzed on one side of his body and unable to speak. He is confined to a nursing home.

The 12-gauge shotgun blast was fired during a fight between several teenagers involved in rival youth groups.