President, Jefferson Institute

123 W. Center, Provo\VITAL STATISTICS

Age: 42\ Place of Birth: Woodland, Calif.

Family: Wife, Elizabeth; seven children (five living)\ Education: Master of arts degree in communications from Brigham Young University

Primary product: Business and investment seminars and other related materials.

Primary Market: People seeking further education in business and investment strategies.

Number of Employees: 21 full time; 4 part time\ Annual Sales: Figure not available\

PERSONALITY PROFILE\ First "real" job: Fund-raising director.\ Management Style: Aggressive, delegation.

Strategy for success: Marketing - gorilla style - identify a product that customers want and find innovative, aggressive marketing plans. Then fulfill with excellence.

A memorable failure: Left Saudi Arabia with only luggage after contract to build 1,000 homes fell through.

Heroes: My father, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln.

Leisure time and hobbies: Children, sports, skiing, writing.

Favorite book and movie: "E-Myth" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."