Two cocktail servers fired by a restaurant chain for trying to talk a pregnant woman out of having a strawberry daiquiri say they want the state to bar restaurants from serving alcohol to pregnant women.

Danita Fitch, 21, and G.R. Heryford, 22, were fired from a Red Robin restaurant in suburban Tukwila when they tried to stop a patron Heryford described as "very pregnant," from having a drink on March 13.Jim Roths, Red Robin's director of operations, issued a statement that said Heryford and Fitch were fired because they did not treat the customer with "respect and dignity."

Heryford said Tuesday he first tried to stop the woman by demanding identification.

He went to assistant manager Mike Buckley after finding out the woman was 30. Buckley ordered him to serve the drink. Instead, Heryford told Fitch about the situation and she approached the woman.

"I went up to her and said, `Ma'am, are you sure you want this drink?"' Fitch said. "And she got really mad and said, `It's past due. It had its chance.' "

Then, Fitch peeled from a beer bottle the government warning against alcohol consumption by pregnant women, showed it to the woman and said, "This is in case you don't know."

The woman complained to Buckley, who fired Fitch immediately. General manager Bob Rossi fired Heryford the next day.