When Cache County voters go to the polls in November, they will face some paradoxical choices. Like other Utahns, they must decide on the tax initatives to limit and roll back taxes. At the same time, they will be asked to raise the county sales tax by a quarter-cent.

The sales tax hike would be used to provide Utah Transit Authority bus service in Logan and several nearby communities, plus link Cache County via UTA to Ogden, Salt Lake, and Provo. At present, Logan and other towns have no local bus service.Cache County officials had asked to be included in the UTA system and the proposal was approved by the UTA board this week, paving the way for the issue to be put on the ballot. The quarter-cent sales tax would be the same as paid by other counties served by UTA.

It would make sense for Cache residents to approve annexation into the UTA, giving them bus service now lacking and making it easier for other Utahns to travel to the northern part of the state.

Public hearings have not shown any significant opposition to the plan. Certainly, the lack of public transportation has been keenly felt in Logan and other nearby communities.

Fares between cities have not been decided, but the UTA says they probably will be about the same as the current $1.25 for Salt Lake-Ogden, or Salt Lake-Provo trips - less than the price of gasoline for the journey in a private car.

Three years ago, Utah County joined the UTA system. Bus service was phased in gradually, and all the originally-proposed routes now have regular bus schedules, ridership is up, and so is customer satisfaction.

Cache County residents can expect the same experience. Voters should approve the tax hike and become part of UTA's transit system.