A four-week Commerical Acting Workshop, conducted by Jeff Cameron, will begin Saturday, May 4, at 10 a.m. at 250 W. Center, suite 117.

According to Cameron, the informative and fun four-week workshop will give students and actors practical on-camera experience with top national commercial material. The workshop covers everything from the business itself to the audition and the first job.Improvisational techniques will be taught during the workshop along with helpful hints for the audition experience. Each actor will receive an edited video of his/her work and will have the opportunity to meet and ask questions from a local agent and casting director.

Cameron will be teaching techniques he has acquired from the entertainment industry. He has appeared in numerous television commericals for various companies, including: Toyota, Honda, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Nestle/Chunky, Cosmo Gasoline in Japan and more.

He has studied with the American Theatre Arts Reperatory Company in Hollywood and was a founding member of "Three Men and A Babe," an improvisation group in Los Angeles. He has also appeared in the television mini-series "Space," "Simon and Simon," and the film "Top Gun."

Cost for the commerical workshop is $150. For more information and reservations call Jeff Cameron, 375-6500.

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