If you want to write to Saddam Hussein, here's his mailing address:

Presidential PalaceKarradat Miriam

Baghdad, Iraq

Since mail delivery may be uncertain in Baghdad, you might want to write Iraq's embassy in Washington.

Or you may just want to write your representatives in Congress to let them know they're in your thoughts as income-tax time rolls around.

Whatever the target or reason for your missive, Speak Out Software for IBM PCs and compatibles or Apple Macs can help. The $29.95 package gives you the name and address of more that 3,000 public officials, both here and abroad, including those in your state. (You select the state when you order.)

A hard disk is mandatory for the roughly 2 million characters of program and data, but installation is simple and operation is smooth.

Speak Out allows you to select and print names from the database for labels, envelopes and letters. You can customize it to add local officials or anyone else you want to write regularly. In addition to names, the software offers phone numbers, both voice and fax, when available.

The software comes bundled with a word-processing capability that's adequate for letters and responds to both keycap and WordStar-style control key editing commands. Navigating through the various layers of the program is easy and menu-driven.

The database will be updated quarterly, according to Ken Rosmarin, president of the fledgling Houston company. Cost of the updates is $15.

Although it's not glitzy, Speak Out offers terrific value for the money and should be of special interest to small organizations lobbying government. As Rosmarin reminds on the product brochure, "A society of sheep eventually begets a government of wolves." This is a first effort for a product that's only months old, and it's an entrepreneurial winner.

For more information, Speak Out Software, P.O. Box 272705, Houston, Texas, 77277-2705. Phone 1-800-43-SPEAK or 1-713-664-1005. Fax 1-713-961-4438.

- One of the persistent pains in word processing is getting an address on the envelope from the letter on the screen. If you have a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet II printer with manual envelope feed, the March issue of PC Computing has envelope-printing macros for 10 common word-processing programs: Ami Professional, WordPerfect 5.1, Word for Windows 1.1, Microsoft Word 5.0, Microsoft Word 5.5, Professional Write 2.2, XyWrite III Plus, MultiMate 4.0, DisplayWrite 5, WordStar 6.0.

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