Army Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of the victorious allied forces in the Persian Gulf, has a slew of canine namesakes in Great Britain.

"Stormin' Norman" has become one of the most popular nickname for dogs registered in the first three months of the year, Kennel Club registrar Ian Logan said in London Tuesday."We always get this," Logan said. "In regular times, common names like Super Trooper pop up but during special events we always get a theme."

Logan could not give the number of dogs registered with the name because most owners put other names before the Stormin' Norman. The larger breeds of dogs generally are named after the burly general.

Before the gulf crisis, the name was never used, he said.

Still, while Stormin' Norman may win awards as one of the most popular names for 1991, it does not take the prize.

"Princess Di is probably our all-time-high most popular name," Logan said.