Utah AIDS victims are slightly more likely to be homosexuals and a little less likely to be intravenous drug abusers than AIDS victims nationally.

Of 112 cases of AIDS reported in Utah, 75 or 67 percent occurred among homosexual or bisexual males, according to the Utah Health Department's Bureau of Epidemiology. That's 3 percent higher than the 64 percent reported by the national Centers for Disease Control.There was a similar 3 percent gap in the intravenous drug abuser category, the second-highest category of AIDS victims. They accounted for 17 of the Utah cases, or 15 percent. The national figure was 18 percent.

Other categories, in order, included eight homosexual males who also were intravenous drug users, 7 percent, and six victims who acquired the deadly virus from transfusions or blood components, 5 percent. Two cases, or 2 percent, contracted AIDS from unknown sources.

Department officials said they had no reports of cases stemming from heterosexual sources, while nationally 4 percent of the 57,024 total AIDS cases as of March 21 occurred among heterosexuals.

Utah has had three AIDS cases involving children. In two, the children apparently contracted the disease from their parents, and one case involved tainted blood.

Of the 112 cases, 75 have ended in death.