Principal pays off debt West Jordan Elementary Principal Richard Allred, dressed as a red crayon, passes out pencils to third-grade students as part of a pay-off for a bet. The bet - that his students could read a million pages by June - began at a kick-off assembly in August. Brook Bevan, a third-grader, put the students over their million-page goal early this month. "Books" charting the progress of the challenge have decorated hallways, and a bookworm in the school's office kept youngsters informed of how far they were from their goal. Allred, who was skeptical at first, was proud of the students for beating the expected June completion mark and joyfully donned the crayon suit. Even kindergarteners and other non-readers got credit for pages if they could get their parents to read to them. A PTA volunteer Jody Smith created Allred's crayon outfit.