A nationwide survey of 4,450 women shows that 75 percent have experienced violence from men, Ms. Magazine reported.

Twenty-nine percent of those questioned said they had been battered by a spouse or lover, according to the survey published Monday. Twelve percent said they had been raped by a husband or partner, and 23 percent said they had been raped by an acquaintance.Six percent said they had been raped by a stranger. Ten percent said they had been mugged at least once.

Six percent said they had a boss, client or teacher who had demanded sex. Four percent said they had been physically threatened at work.

Only 7 percent said they have never experienced male violence and also never knew a rape victim.

Eighty-three percent said they knew at least one woman who had been raped, and 39 percent said they knew more than four rape victims.

Sixty-four percent said they "always" or "most of the time" avoided social situations that could get out of hand.

In relationships with men, 41 percent said they had ended them because they were afraid of the potential for abuse. Thirty-seven percent said they consented to have sex with a man because they were afraid to resist.

Almost 40 percent of the respondents said they avoided disagreeing with their fathers "frequently" or "occasionally" to avert violent consequences, and 33 percent said they did the same with their husbands or partners.

Asked what they do if they were alone after dark, 47 percent of the women questioned said they no longer go out for a walk. Thirty-four percent said they wouldn't even walk to a friend's house alone, 26 percent would not speak to a stranger, and 20 percent have given up jogging at night.