The Brigham Young University chapter of Sigma Xi, a scientific research society, has honored three people for their work in support of science.

They are: Steven E. Jones, associate professor of physics, from Provo; Jay Woodard, a high school science teacher in Nephi; and Lon Que Adams of Orem, manager of the instrument shop for the BYU College of Biology of Agriculture and department of chemistry.Jones delivered the 1991 Sigma Xi Lectureship at the society's annual meeting last Thursday. The lectureship honors a faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding abilities as a scientist and communicator of scientific knowledge.

Woodard received the 1991 award for Outstanding High School Science Teacher. Adams accepted the 1991 award for Support of Scientific Research.

Daniel Decker, chair of the department of physics and astronomy, said Jones is a noted scientist who enjoys working at the forefront of science in little-understood areas.

"I have had opportunities to speak with leading scientists who have invited Steve to speak on cold fusion at their laboratories," Decker said. "They were so impressed by his knowledge of nuclear physics and his broad understanding of the work done throughout the world."

As controversy swirled around claims made by other scientists about cold fusion in 1989 and 1990, Jones remained calm and honest and was a credit to BYU, Decker said.

Leonard H. Trauntvein, principal at Juab High School, said Woodard is one of the more successful teachers in the educational system. "Jay is very sensitive to the needs of his students," Trauntvein said. "He spends many hours beyond his contract time to help students not only with their school work but with any other problems they may have."

Clayton S. Huber, dean of the College of Biology and Agriculture, said Adams is an outstanding manager. "The Instrument Shop has developed a reputation for competence and efficiency. All faculty members in the college speak positively about Que and his staff . . .. He saves the college thousands of dollars through the maintenance program he has implemented and the timely manner in which repairs are made."