To the editor:

Referring to Harold O. Johnson's letter Feb. 21, it is right on point and I fully concur with his viewpoint.No employee of Brigham Young University should be allowed to link the university title and name to build credibility for personal statements.

I was appalled, to say the least, when I read a college professor held an anti-war protest in the Wilkinson Center, attempting to tear down and discredit President Bush and demoralize our servicewomen and men in Des-ert Shield.

Where were the leaders of this great university when that degrading brouhaha was taking place? I'm surprised Brother Brigham did not rise from his grave and hit somebody with his cane.

Don't preach to me about freedom of speech. There is a time and a place for it, but negative protesting should not be allowed on BYU's campus.

Let us also address those professors who are behind the wilderness and clean air issues, gainfully employed at BYU, making comment, writing articles, running surveys that link BYU with their signatures. Every time they are quoted on TV or in the newspaper, Brigham Young University is linked to their names, giving credibility to their comments and implying that BYU concurs in their ideas.

Perhaps they should be reminded that had the Wilderness act of 1964 been in place before 1847, Brigham Young and his group would have perished at the place where he struck his cane in the ground and stated, "It is enough. This is the place," the Great Basin would still be in its original form and virgin state. Where BYU is now located would still be covered with scrub oak and buck brush.

Paul L. Young

Western Association of Land Users