A handcuffed man being transported to jail apparently tried to steal the patrol car he was placed in and then tried to run over a deputy sheriff.

A Salt Lake County sheriff's deputy said the man was walking near 8200 S. Danish Road about 1:45 a.m. Saturday when he apparently noticed the patrol car and ran up a hill out of sight. The deputy followed him and found him lying down on the ground trying to hide. The deputy grabbed him and took him to his patrol car, which was still running.The deputy discovered that the suspect was wanted for a violation of parole and had just run away from another deputy. The officer handcuffed the man, double-locked the cuffs and seatbelted him in the front seat of the car, according to his report.

The deputy walked around the vehicle, stopped for a few seconds to talk to the other deputy, and then saw the car lurch forward. The suspect had kicked the vehicle into gear. The deputy chased the car but couldn't catch it, and other officers joined the chase. The suspect apparently tried to hit another deputy with the car before he was captured a second time, the report stated.

The 18-year-old suspect, who is from Sandy, had somehow managed to get his left leg through the handcuffs, which gave him some limited steering ability.

He was taken to the Salt Lake County Jail and booked for investigation of auto theft, fleeing, attempted criminal homicide, escape from custody, destruction of county property, possession of alcohol, failure to comply with a police officer and carrying an open container in a vehicle.