Age: 62

Born: Ogden

Family: Wife, Dolores; four children - Douglas, 37; Deonne, 36; Drew, 33; and Darin, 28; Three grandchildren: Mindy, 12; Brooke, 10; and Jessica, 1.

Education: 3 years of college at Weber State. Occupation: Retired civilian executive, U.S. Air Force.


Size: 5 1/2 square miles.

Population: 4,658.

Budget: $794,549.

Number of Employees: 12.

Mayor's salary: $29 a month;

$200 in monthly travel expenses.


Politics: Republican. First "real" job: Truck driver at age 16 during World War II for Barnes Canning Co. Management style: I believe in participative management. In addition to involving council and staff in the decisionmaking process, I tend to personally monitor the progress of all programs to ensure that intended results are achieved.

Why I like being mayor: Serving the community is particularly enjoyable because I get to experience the positive results of that service. That is why I spend almost full time in this part-time position.

Why I hate being mayor: I really don't hate anything or anyone but I dislike the way some residents "hold back" and don't become involved for one reason or another and then are critical of the decision after it is made. Recipe for success: Honesty, giving your best, plus treating others with respect. My motto has always been "take good care of your people and they will take good care of you."

A memorable failure: A 2-1 voter defeat on a recent bond election to construct a new city hall. Perhaps the reason the failure is so vivid in my mind is because I didn't foresee the defeat coming despite the fact we held a public hearing to receive citizen input, conducted an open house to show condition of existing facilities and distributed a brochure to inform residents on the project.

Heroes: I really don't have one particular hero that stands out, although I have been influenced by the strengths (hopefully) of many different people.

Leisure: Golf, fishing, hunting and gardening. I get a lot of enjoyment out of tying flies and reloading rifle and shotgun shells when time permits.

Favorite book: "The Boss." It is a biography of Robert W. Woodruff, who was most instrumental in developing the Coca-Cola Company into the great corporation it is today. Favorite movie: I am not much of a movie fan. In fact, the only movies I have seen during the last 20 years are a few reruns on TV.