DEAR ABBY: I am a financially stable 25-year-old man, and the young lady I have been seeing for almost a year is a 20-year-old college student. We are very much in love - not superficially, but deeply. She is a very mature and unique human being with a strong love for her family.

The problem: religion. Her parents object to me because they do not want their Catholic daughter involved with a Protestant man. Her father dislikes me intensely because of my faith, and doesn't even want to get to know me as a person.I had no intentions of trying to convert their daughter. I happen to love her and she says she loves me, but she has decided to end our relationship because she can't handle the turmoil and controversy it's creating between her and her parents.


DEAR HURT: Thank God for your good fortune! Had you been able to persuade this mature, unique human being with a strong love for her family to choose you instead of her family, your chances for a happy, lasting marriage would have been small.

Either she didn't love you enough - or the "little girl" in her still desperately needed parental approval. I think you lucked out.

DEAR ABBY: This concerns a problem I have never seen in your column. What do you do when a man you have hired to do some construction work in your home asks to use your bathroom?

I can't stand the idea of strangers using my bathroom, but I don't know how to deal with it.

Recently, I had two men here laying carpet. One man asked to use the bathroom, and what could I say? I have asked my friends how they deal with it, and they all have said, "I don't like it either, but what can you do?"

My dad was an electrician, and he said he would never ask to use a customer's bathroom. When he would drive to a new customer's house, he would look the area over and locate the nearest gas station, and if he needed to use the facilities while working, he would tell the customer he had to return to the shop to pick up a tool or something, but he wouldn't charge them for the time he was gone.

Maybe employers should tell their people to follow that example. How would you handle it, Abby? - A READER, ARVADA, COLO.

DEAR READER: One's need to use "the facilities" is essential. So I could not find it in my heart to deny anyone that necessity. There are many disinfectants available for bathrooms that should be used daily, so an occasional workman should present no problem.

I dealt with the problem five years ago when a reader waxed poetic by responding:

"Dear Abby:

"That housewife who begrudged her latrine

"Is the stingiest I've ever seen.

"She deserves some compunction

"And a bladder dysfunction

"Then she might be less high and pristine.

"- Sylvia Swain Rummel, Fulton, Mo."

Right on, Sylvia!

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