Polish President Lech Walesa, speaking Sunday in the city with the largest Polish population outside his homeland, appealed to American companies to invest in Poland and take advantage of its growing economy.

Speaking to about 2,000 business and civic leaders at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, Walesa said it is good business for American companies to invest in Poland."Guarantees of all kinds will become increased as more and more American businesses invest in Poland," he said through an interpreter. "I'm sure of my success and your success as well. Believe me, I'm telling the truth that we shall do good business together."

He said investment in Poland can help the United States' economy by producing profits for American firms.

He also showed a sense of humor about what it takes to attract U.S. investment.

"Maybe we should declare war against you and surrender the next day, " he suggested. "That would get us a lot of financial assistance."