To the editor:

If, as they profess, Intermountain Health Care Inc. (IHC) and its Logan Regional Hospital (LRH) are innocent of the several accusations leveled against them by the Cache Mayors Association, they should welcome a grand-jury investigation or other investigation by the county attorney or state attorney general.Instead, they have now sought to thwart such investigations by asking the Chamber of Commerce to support them in calling for an audit by a firm to be selected from a list that they (IHC and LRH) will submit. And they will finance the audit.

Why are IHC and its Logan hospital afraid of a full-fledged investigation?

A careful audit conducted by a competent firm not selected from a list submitted by the hospital and not paid for by IHC and LRH could certainly be helpful and essential in an overall investigation.

But an audit alone, such as IHC and LRH have proposed, could only serve as a coverup. Auditors check records, which are too easily manipulated. It is not the role of auditors to conduct investigations such as the Mayors Association has unanimously called for on IHC and LRH.

Over the past several months in the course of its investigation, the Mayors Association has received voluntary testimony in this matter from dozens of patients, nurses, doctors, lawyers, hospital suppliers, pharmacists and other businessmen and hospital employees. It has pertinent documents voluntarily given by these concerned citizens, all of whom have had dealings with LRH or IHC.

The Mayors Association's accusations against the hospital are based upon this material volunteered to it. IHC and LRH claim that all these accusations are false. Question: Why would all these citizens from various walks of life bring false accusations against the hospital?

It is most unfortunate that the Chamber of Commerce has allowed itself to be used by IHC and LRH in this fashion, to help thwart a legitimate and obviously needed investigation of hundreds of complaints.

Chamber officers have said they would like to make the chamber truly countywide not just a Logan organization. Collaborating with IHC-LRH in thwarting a unanimous resolution of the Cache Mayors Association in behalf of the welfare of the citizens of Cache Valley is hardly a way to achieve that objective.

IHC and LRH state they are glad to finance an audit. Let them instead pay county taxes as they should and thus help provide funds to the county attorney's office for a legitimate investigation that everyone can have confidence in.

Mayor Robert Balls,

president, Cache Mayors Association

Mayor John Stewart,

past president; chairman,

Mayors Investigation Committee

Mayor Derwin Merrill,

vice president; member, investigation committee

Mayor Randy Jardine,

member of Hospital Investigation Committee