You just got to Fort Worth last night and you've got to go see a client this morning. Just off the Central Expressway by way of the first Richardson exit. But it's closer to Dallas. Figure out the interchange from the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike to Route 77, then Route 67 and finally into the Expressway.

"The City to City Atlas" (American Map Corporation) is the traveling companion that will help you avoid the hitches in getting from one place to the next. Directed to the business traveler, the spiral-bound book has detailed maps of city centers, metropolitan areas, the state and interstate highway systems and other aids for those who use cars for business.-- Many travelers these days prefer the comforts and economy of bed-and-breakfast establishments to hotels, and the "1991 Annual Directory of American Bed & Breakfasts" from Rutledge Hill Press provides them with nearly 4,000 listings in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Editor Toni Sorter includes brief descriptions of accommodations (for example, if four-poster beds are available), along with prices, proprietors' names and other statistics.

-- Want to look at the prettiest or most dramatic scenery along your motor route? Rand McNally has mapped out the eight top scenic highways in the nation as part of its 1991 Road Atlas. The selections highlight scenic routes in Colorado, Glacier National Park in Montana, the Coastal Highway in Maine, Highway 7 in Arkansas, the Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona, California's Pacific Coast Highway and the Skyline-Blue Ridge Parkway of Virginia.

-- The 1991 Mobil Travel Guides have increased the number of maps in their seven regional editions, including more for popular-destination cities and airport maps for major terminals. Recommendations for eating and accommodations are ranked by the editors with a one-to-five-star rating system. The regions covered are California and the West, Southwest and South Central, Northwest and the Great Plains, Great Lakes, Northeast, Middle Atlantic and Southeast. Mobil also has the "Frequent Traveler's Guide to Major Cities" for the business traveler.