Despite the economy, this will be a good year for domestic travel, says a Purdue University professor.

"A vacation is considered a necessity by many," says Alastair Morrison, associate professor of restaurant, hotel and institutional management at the university's West Lafayette, Ind., campus. But the economy, fear of terrorism overseas and nationalism fanned by the Gulf War make it likely that travel will be close to home, he says.Some at-home tips for when you're gone.

Don't announce your vacation plans to people you meet in public places like the supermarket or hardware store, advises locksmith James Watt of Missoula, Mont. A potential burglar may find the information too good to resist.

Arrange to have your lawn mowed, your mail and other deliveries stopped, and install timers on lights, he says.

"Summertime is the prime season for burglaries, because many of us tend to be away from our homes for extended periods and often leave our property unattended and without sufficient protection to keep burglars at bay," adds William R. Mathisen, executive director of the Associated Locksmiths of America.

Some of the most vulnerable spots are exterior doors or windows, or the garage door, says Rick Ohmit, an Urbana, Ill., locksmith. "Unplug the current to your garage door opener and install a padlock on the track above one of the rollers," he advises.