Mike Tyson Saturday said he wants a rematch with Razor Ruddock just as much as Ruddock wants one, and for the same reason.

"Absolutely," the former heavyweight champion said when asked if he wants to fight Ruddock again. "More than him being robbed, I feel I've been robbed from a knockout."Next time it'll be quicker. I'm gonna kill this guy. I'll beat Razor Ruddock, 10 times out of 10."

Tyson improved to 40-1 with 36 knockouts Monday night when he stopped Ruddock in the seventh of their scheduled 12-round bout. The ending was controversial, however, because referee Richard Steele stopped the fight with Ruddock standing and apparently able to continue.

Tyson and Ruddock filmed an interview Saturday for Showtime's delayed broadcast of the bout later that night. They appeared amicable on the set but both later said they were eager to battle again.

"I just want to prove I can beat Mike Tyson," Ruddock said. "There's no doubt at all I could have continued. I've been through worse. I can take good punishment. He (Steele) had his mind made up to stop it.

"I heard a rumor he would stop it prematurely."

Both boxers were happy to hear their promoters say a rematch could be set by early this week. Tyson's promoter Don King and Ruddock's promoter Murad Muhammad were scheduled to talk Saturday night and Sunday, hoping to nail down a bout for June 22, 28 or 29 at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nev. King already has a name for Tyson-Ruddock II.

"The public wants a rematch," King said. "The public is gonna get it - `Desert Storm II.'

"This was a $50 million promotion. The next one will be a $100 million promotion."

"And a funeral," Tyson said. "A $100 million funeral."