For years, Glenda Nelson has had trouble figuring out which town in western Weber County she should call home.

She and her neighbors live close to the east boundaries of Kanesville and Taylor and the west border of Wilson. The area is just a few blocks from the Roy border and requires an Ogden mailing address."I've lived in the same house and three different towns," said Nelson.

But the confusion is coming to an end. The communities of Kanesville, Wilson and Taylor voted last fall to incorporate as the county's newest city. And local postal officials have told the residents they can now use West Haven on their mailing addresses even though the city doesn't become official until July 1, the beginning of a new fiscal year.

Although the problem may pop up again if the Taylor-area residents are successful in deannexing from the new city, West Haven residents are happy to have the address problem solved.

Nelson said that when she bought her home 10 years ago, the developer told her it was in Kanesville. But her monthly mortgage notice is addressed to Taylor, and she attends the LDS Church's Wilson 2nd Ward.

"I don't know for sure where we live," she said. "I think we're in Wilson."

RaVae Cheney has listed Kanesville as her residence since her family bought the home 18 years ago. She said she remembers her initial frustration when her family's church records went to Kanesville instead of Wilson, and family members didn't get their mail for a few weeks.

She said because the mail was addressed to Kanesville and included the Hooper ZIP code, it sat at the Hooper post office for a time while postal workers tried to figure out where she lived.