More Utahns came home from military duty on Friday.

The last of Hill Air Force Base's F-16 Flying Falcons came home, as did nine members of the Utah Air National Guard's 151st USAF Clinic who have been assigned to domestic bases in support of Operation Desert Storm returned home Friday afternoon.The Guard's seven men and two women were called to active duty Feb. 14 and have been assigned in Texas, Nebraska and South Dakota.

The second of two squadrons of Hill's powerful F-16s arrived back on Friday from the Persian Gulf. "The 421st (Tactical Fighter) Squadron got in today," a Hill spokeswoman said Friday. All 24 jets of this squadron had touched down by late afternoon.

On Wednesday, the 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron returned from the war. Both squadrons left for the Middle East in late August. Two of the F-16s belonging to the 4th were delayed by repairs, but a Hill spokesman said they arrived home on Thursday. Now all the pilots and Flying Falcons are back.

In addition, many hundreds of other Hill airmen and women returned this week in large transport planes.