To the editor:

Considering the smog that we have had in this valley during the winter, the fresh breeze of Rick Majerus, basketball coach at the University of Utah, has been particularly welcome.For many years, those of us who have followed the University of Utah felt that a year in which we won as many games as we lost was an occasion to celebrate in either basketball or football. One could see those in attendance at recent basketball games pinching themselves to make sure it is true that their team had just won another game.

It is not just the winning that is so pleasant, however unexpected, but it's Majerus' fresh attitude. He has made his players excel and cooperate with each other, beyond what they likely would have done under different circumstances. In inspiring them to study, he has inspired us all to rethink the importance of education and character, rather than just winning.

We have Chase Peterson and his associates to thank for these few moments in Camelot for having brought Majerus to Salt Lake City. He has not only brought us a winning season but an unpretentious, humorous and philosophical Midwesterner whose great skill as a coach and motivator can be seen and felt.

We are grateful we have an extra seven valves and the skilled hands to keep the big coach from Sheboygan, Wis., going. We hope he comes to like our great state and its people and stays. His sweaters and boots seem to fit right in.

John Preston Creer

Salt Lake City