Visitors at both the Little Sahara Recreation Area and the Yuba Lake State Park will see more law enforcement personnel in action during the coming Easter weekend than in years past.

"We have had problems at Yuba Dam," said Juab Sheriff Dave Carter. "We're going to concentrate on it more this year to make it a safer place."The decision to increase law enforcement in Juab County this year was made as a joint decision in the annual planning session attended by members of the Juab County Sheriff's Department, the Utah Highway Patrol, the Juab County Attorney's office, the East and West Juab Search and Rescue units, the East and West Juab Ambulance Association, the Utah State Parks and Recreation Department, the Millard County Sheriff's Office and the Bureau of Land Management.

Officers from Utah Parks and Recreation will be checking recreational vehicle registration and flags. Highway Patrol, Juab County, and Millard County officers will be manning roadblocks to check for vehicle registrations, drivers' licenses and insurance cards. They will also be checking for drug and alcohol violations.

Law enforcement officers will be manning roadblocks for Memorial Day weekend as well as at various locations in Juab County throughout the year, Carter said.

Along with manning the roadblocks, officers will be patrolling the dunes and campground areas at Little Sahara and the beaches of Yuba State Park. After 10 p.m., a noise ordinance will be enforced and recreational vehicles must be parked.

Stricter enforcement at the Little Sahara Recreation Area became the focus of attention of the combined agencies in the last few seasons to allow family groups the opportunity to have a safe and sane holiday. Problems experienced in the Yuba area now means more emphasis will be placed on family groups having the opportunity to enjoy their Yuba vacation as well.

This year, as with other Easter seasons, crowd size is an unknown factor which is often dictated by the weather. However, agencies dedicated to maintaining public safety must still gear up to be prepared for the maximum numbers of visitors and whatever emergencies might arise.