Police believe an hour and forty five minute standoff between a SWAT team and three people Saturday night was related to a shooting incident reported earlier in the evening.

Lt. Mark Zelig said police responded to a 911 call from a woman at 370 N. 700 West who said her husband had been assaulted and was bleeding. Minutes before, witnesses called 911 and reported a fight involving four males at North Temple and 700 West. Three shots were also reported.When officers arrived at the home, they observed blood leading up to the house and a male inside who was obviously injured.

Also, a car fitting the description of one of the cars reported at the scene of the earlier fight was parked near the house. Two men and one woman reported inside the house did not answer when officers knocked on the door.

"What we had was concern for a man who could have been bleeding to death but who could also possibly be armed and dangerous," Zelig said.

Zelig said a negotiator telephoned the house and established contact with one of the men inside while officers moved slowly and deliberately to surround the home. "One thing we have is time," Zelig said "Especially if it means safety for the citizens and our officers."

The police negotiator was able to convince the men that officers were at the house because they were concerned about the injured man, Zelig said. He said the men in the house refused to come out because they were afraid of the police.

The negotiator finally persuaded the two to surrender, and two male blacks came out of the house. Fire and ambulance rescue workers were immediately called into the area and gave medical attention to the injured man.

Zelig said the man had not been shot but had been assaulted.

Two people at the scene of the shooting earlier in the evening said they were walking by 700 West on North Temple when they saw two black males and two Hispanic males fighting.

A black male was on top of one of the Hispanics, according to one witness, he was banging the man's head into the pavement and yelling that he "was going to kill him."

The other two men seemed to be involved in a shoving match, the witness said. The pair moved away, but when they were out of sight of the fight, they said they heard three shots fired.

When police arrived at the scene, all four men had departed.

Police believe the two men involved in the standoff at the house were involved in the fight. The other two men have not been identified.