Congress passed and sent to the White House a $5.1 billion government-wide supplemental spending bill and a $15 billion measure to pay some of the costs of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

President Bush is expected to sign both bills.The Senate passed both measures Friday on voice votes shortly before Congress left town for a two-week Easter recess. The House earlier backed the spending bill 340-48 and the war-funding bill 379-11.

The gulf war measure was relatively free of controversy as the majority of costs will be borne by allied nations, which have pledged roughly $50 billion. Of that figure, roughly $20.8 billion has been received, officials said.

Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney told Congress earlier this week that the $15 billion may be enough to cover U.S. expenses in the gulf, but it "will be some time" before a final figure is known.

The spending bill was the target of a threatened presidential veto as the White House opposed Senate amendments that raised the government-guaranteed price of milk sold for fluid consumption and cut financial aid alloted to Jordan for this fiscal year as punishment for its alliance with Iraq.

The Senate voted on Wednesday to block Jordan's aid package worth $35 million in economic aid and $20 million in military assistance. The ban exempted refugee assistance, food donations and money appropriated in previous years but still in the pipeline.