Three days after Donald Trump announced a divorce settlement with ex-wife Ivana, the millionaire developer's attorney finally agreed with him: It's a done deal.

"It ended on an `up' note, with the transfer of the $10 million at midnight last night, with everybody leaving in a satisfied mood," Trump lawyer Jay Goldberg said Saturday.The midnight meeting took place at Goldberg's Manhattan law offices, the attorney said. The apparent settlement ends months of nasty public bickering between the Trumps, who were divorced last December.

The split came after Trump was romantically linked with model Marla Maples.

Here's the deal, according to Goldberg: a flat $10 million to Mrs. Trump, ownership of their Connecticut mansion and a Manhattan apartment, access to their Florida mansion one month per year, and $300,000 annually in child support.

The Trumps' three children live with Mrs. Trump, who was not in her office Saturday at the Plaza Hotel. There was no answer at the office of her attorney, Michael Kennedy, who had been in California on another case.