Wayne Gretzky's Christmas present to himself came a little late. After all, $451,000 baseball cards are hard to find.

That's how much Gretzky and Los Angeles Kings owner Bruce McNall paid Friday for a Honus Wagner baseball card."I am happy I bought it. It was something I wanted to buy since before Christmas," Gretzky said Saturday after the Los Angeles Kings beat Calgary 8-4.

Mark Friedland of Aspen, Colo., dropped out of the bidding at $405,000. Gretzky and McNall won at $410,000 and a 10 percent commission was added on.

"We are excited we own it," said Gretzky, who said he went 50-50 with McNall on the bid. "It is not for sale. We are going to put it away."

The card of Wagner, a Hall of Fame shortstop who hit .327 between 1897 and 1917, was part of a California businessman's collection. Fewer than 40 Wagner cards have surfaced and fewer than 10 are in excellent condition.