Three Salt Lake County juveniles were arrested early Thursday morning after four youths led police on a brief chase in a stolen car and then fled on foot through fields west of I-15 south of American Fork.

According to American Fork Police Lt. Terry Fox, four juveniles stole a bus in Midvale and drove south until reaching Springville. There they abandoned the bus and took a car.American Fork police began pursuing the youths after spotting the car coming off the American Fork 500 East I-15 exit around 4 a.m. The youths turned around and drove south about one mile on I-15 and abandoned the car near a rest stop.

While being pursued by police, three of the fleeing juveniles ran into a barbed-wire fence, and one was apprehended. Two others were arrested a short time later at a nearby restaurant. Police did not locate the fourth suspect but say they know his name and address.